PS4 HDD Upgrade

When the 1TB hard drive just isn't big enough

Step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade PlayStation 4 Hard Drive»

PS4 comes with a 500GB hard drive. Later models will come with a much larger drives, but for now it is enough and it will not be that hard to swap the HDD for a bigger one when they become cheaper. Migrate / Copy over the games, savegames and vide files you have stored and continue using your playstaion with more space!

So to repeat the louch PS4 that will cost you $399 USD has a 500 GB big hard drive.

In just a couple of month after buying the new PlayStation you notice that all the space on the drive is gone and you will have to start deleting games and movies before getting a new demo of the latest episode of your favorite TV show. You start thinking that maybe I should have spent more and bought a PS4 bundle with a roomier HDD?

The good news are that Playstation 4 uses regular 2.5 inch laptop hard drives, so for a fraction of a cost that you would have paid for the premium PS4 set you can upgrade the HDD yourself. In near future come here and we will provide the step-by-step illustrated instructions and video guides on how to safely open your console, take out the old drive and insert your new faster or larger HDD.

PS4 hdd SSD upgrade

Replace the regular 7200 rpm hard drive in your PS4 with a super fast SSD and load games up to three times faster. Also helps avoid slowdowns in the more HDD intensive games and when transfering backup files to and from PSVita.

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